The Key

Standing with rapt anticapation as you emerge from the bath
Your natural scent intoxicating me more than any perfume ever could
As you look over at me I become hypnotized
watching your hand rythmically rub oil on your body as you sit on my bed my body hardens

Entraced by the stray bead of water sliding down the curve of your back
Unable to help myself I lay a single kiss on your shoulder and begin to take down your hair
My heart does a little flip as you take my hand a pull me down to sit beside you
Closing my eyes in amazement at the intimacy of just being close to you
Content to just sit with you knowing that your mine
As your lips press against mine I become breathless
Giving back to you as much as I take
The violent storm of my passion for you almost frightening
Yet you show no fear because you know you hold the key
I could never take any other but you
The beautiful keeper of my key