Making Love

You thrust into me as if you’ve finally returned home

My breath escapes me in a gust

You fleetingly leave me only to come back again

One Last Time/ An affair to remember

I wake up in the morning and stretch my aching limbs

The pleasant ache serves as the proof of your love from just the night before

I shift to move away but find myself quickly pulled back into steel wall that is your chest


Just A Taste

Please tell me it’s not to much to ask to demand one taste of you
I’ve wanted you for so long I’m sick with desire
I want to see you spread beneath me like a feast
With your lips bruised and swollen from my kisses


My Dark Lady

She is relentless in her persuit of me
always demanding acknowledgement
always wanting always taking
My dark lady thats what I call her
So intwinded is her fate with mine
I no longer can tell her desires from mine
My dark lady thats what I call her
the shadow that lurks inside me that I love to hate
She sometimes lightens her grip
but never enough for a true release
fearfull that another will stake its claim on me
My dark lady thats what I call her
Thats all she can ever be



If I were the ocean vast and smooth 
 than you'd be my sun burning bright and true
I'd be cooling and calm
you'd be warming and gay
we could waste our days just basking away
but just like real sun and the real sea
as much as they go together never the two shall meet