Twin Decisions Chapter Three

Chapter Three


It took Rebel about an hour to get dressed he and Jet went through their closet with a fine tooth comb before finally settling on a pair of black jeans and gray and black long sleeve retro skully western shirt and his black buffalo Stetson to top it all off. He’d pulled his hair back into a low pony tail so it would be tame under his hat and even put on some cologne something he never did and not to mention busted out his best boots. Overall he looked so good Jet insisted on taking a picture for their scrapbook now he just hoped all his effort paid off.

The two of them were so nervous they’d gotten ready a whole hour early so he’d been sitting here slumped down in his seat waiting for about twenty minutes while listening to the Viva station on the XM radio. Grabbing his phone he answered probably the fiftieth text from Jet letting him know that he was still waiting for her. Checking his clock as he tapped a nervous rhythm on his steering wheel he thought about how the date would go when a tapping on the window made him just about jump out his bones. “Jesus Christ!” he yelled starting to reach under his seat for his gun but the feminine laughter made him pause.

Laughing hysterically Z held her stomach gasping for air “oh God I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you” she said her eyes sparkling with glee.

Getting out of the car he shook his head and finally laughed once his heart finally went back to a normal pace “Okay you got me” he chuckled but then all humor left him when he got a load of what she had on.


Twin Decisions Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Rebel cut off his radio as he drove his pickup with the horse trailer attached to the back. Cutting off the engine he left the keys in as he stepped out his black t-shirt stretching tight over his muscles. Looking around he could see the shape of Zuradia’s father over by the barns so he leaned on the hood of the truck and waited knowing the man had already seen him pull up. Looking over at the ranches’ main house he looked up at the windows on the second floor wondering which one was his girl’s. He’d barely gotten any sleep last night thinking about her. Tossing and turning all night imaging what he’d do to her if he finally got her in his bed underneath of him, between…

“Hey honey” Zuradia smiled sweetly at him as she jogged down her steps her soft husky voice pulling him out of his thoughts. “I didn’t know you were coming today” she went on coming to stand beside him so close their shoulders touched.


Twin Decisions Chapter One

Chapter One

      “She’s so beautiful Jet” Rebel Ramirez the oldest by two minutes whispered to his identical twin as the lay down flat on the hill above the private pond watching as the love of his  life currently swam naked believing herself to be alone. Resting his chin on his fist he looked over at his brother he was pleased to see that he was just as enthralled “I’m telling you she’s the one”

Jet lay silently beside his brother resting his head on his shoulder their shoulder length curly black hair mixing and tangling together. Ever since they were kids they’d never been able to do anything with it so they just let it be and women seemed to like it so whatever. As he watched the beautiful woman splash around he was overcome by this wave of possessiveness he’d never experienced before. “What’s her name hermano” he asked his voice gone husky and shifted a little to give his semi-erect cock some relief.

“Zuradia Jackson” Rebel responded his voice mirroring his own exactly “see I told you she was worth moving here with me for”. Rebel and Jet had spent the last three years living across the country from each other and even though neither twin was willing to admit that it was pure agony for them both. He’d been trying to get him to move from Florida back to Texas where they belonged but after Megan he just wouldn’t hear it. But as he’d gotten to know the stunning Zuradia Rebel knew that she was the one and convinced his brother to come back. He just needed to tell him the rest.