Casted From Arms Of Grace Chapter One: Dangerous Thoughts... Part One

Chapter one: Dangerous Thoughts...Part One
Standing in front of the open window Xavier Pushed his hair back as the wind blew it into his face. “I wonder is it really worth it. Are they really worth it. I am beginning to understand the dark one's position” he grumbled to himself feeling an unmistakable presence coming towards him he turned to face the door as it open his eyes at once changing from bitterness to reverence.
"Your thoughts take  a dangerous turn " The Creator says to me as he walks forward the ethereal light that always surrounds him almost blinding even my eyes.
Going to his knees in respect  he took up the position of the traditional bow which allowed him to also lower his head to preserve his eyesight from The Creator’s  heavenly glow "I meant no disrespect my King" kissing his hand "I beg your forgiveness. Xavier hissed at the sudden jolt of electricity as The Creator grasped his chin in a firm grip and tilted his head up to look upon his face his heavenly glow dimming just enough to not hurt his eyes but not enough to see his face in return. Suddenly feeling unworthy he lowered his eyes knowing better than to remove his face from The Creator’s gentle yet unyielding grip.
"Nay! Look upon me” he commanded him the power in his voice surrounded his very being “Do you not understand why the love for my children is absolute?"
"No my lord"

"Then I have made a grave error” The Creator lowered his head contemplating. “Mayhap I have forced you to deal with the darkness of my children’s’ natures for too long and not allowed you to see their light" moving away from him The Creator seemed to glide back towards the door. Stopping before them as they flew open he turned and faced Xavier once again," I must think," he pronounced as he left the room and walked gracefully down the hall.
Xavier watched silently as The Creator’s heavenly glow began dimming as his emotions changed and sadden the unconscious projection of them caused every creature in the vicinities heart to break including his even more so because he knew he was the cause. Still on his knees, Xavier embraced the feeling of serenity one feels whenever in his presence before rising up.
His brief conversation with The Creator now having thrown him off balance he wanted nothing more than to let out his wings and soar with the winds. One of the few things that still brought him peace these days. Pacing the room the sound of his combat boots clanking on the stone floor seems to soothe  frayed nerves but not nearly enough. Trying desperately to tame his frantic feelings of suffocation, he felt whenever he was in the Fortress of the Guardians he embraced the niggling feeling traveling down his spine letting him know someone was materializing behind him. Smiling he tossed his long waist length silver hair onto his back and prepared to have some fun.
Turning around the an instant before Ezra appeared into the room he summoned his long bow and arrow drawing it and holding it at the ready in the direction where he knew the back of his head would appear. The air warped suddenly then righted itself leaving a seven-foot Scribe Elim where before nothing was.
“Freeze!” Xavier yelled  barely containing his laughter placing the tip of the arrow at the base of Ezra’s skull.
Yelping Ezra jumped into the air unfolding  his with a deafening flap wings and in a blur of motion flew to the other end of the room reappearing crouched down in a defensive stance.  “Gawdon Bennet! why geezer why must yew always do that?” he yelled at him in his anger slipping back into his cockney accent. His expression turned to annoyance as he saw Xavier’s shoulders began to shake knowing what was about to happen straightening back up to his full height he made an immense effort not to feed into his antics.
Arching back Xavier laughed for the first time in months not being able to help himself. His eyes crinkling slightly at the corners the deep waves in his long silver hair moving with him giving the heavy mass the appearance of waves softly rippling in the ocean.  “You just make it so easy” he told him his eyes still sparkling with glee “and do speak regular English you know I don’t understand you when you talk like that”
Straightening up Ezra looked down his nose at him trying to look stern but by the subtle twitches, Xavier could see he was trying to hold back his laughter so he lost his effect. Finally giving up he chuckled as he walked across the room to him “hey I do speak English the kings English thank you very much” shaking his head as if to clear the whole incident “look that’s not why I’m here stop getting me off track will you” he reprimanded him though Xavier could tell by the tone of his voice that he really didn’t mean it.
“I’m sorry Ezra,” he said insincerely laughing one last time before quickly sobering up. “What is it” he dreaded to ask question in the first place in his current frame of mind but it is was not as if he had a choice in the matter.
True to his personality without any fanfare the  Scribe Elim held out his hand summoning a window portal they both waited for a second for the picture to clear. As the foggy magic began to clear from the magical window, they both watched an emaciated man walk down the street with a bottle of alcohol in one hand and a gun in the other. They watched him for a few more minutes until Xavier could make out that he was walking to the Brooklyn bride.  With a flick of his hand, he released his hold on the window and tucked his hands into the pocket of his vintage waistcoat hating very much to have to give Xavier yet another assignment let alone to have to be the one to deliver it. “That is your assignment an intended suicide you must leave now if there is any hope of preventing this tragedy and saving his soul from the Dark One”. Grabbing his arm in a grip that would have broken the arm of a mortal “and Xavier remember who you are you can’t afford to draw attention to yourself” he warned him “save the unfortunate and get back here”
Opening his mouth to respond he remembered his short conversation and the warning The Creator had just spoken to him not long ago, so he sighed and clenched his jaw shut tight. Nodding his head once, he bowed low showing respect as one did to an Elim of the Hayyoth order. “I’ll go this second sir” he told him turning away he threw open the double doors and quickly walked out of the room summoning the portal down to Christian as he went before he said something he couldn’t take back.

Xavier choose an entrance portal at the end on a dark alley a few blocks under the mortal. Pulling his leather trench coat up tight around his neck in a vain effort to ward of the chill he hurried to complete his task making a supreme effort to tramp down his irritation know that his personal feelings should never be apparent to a mortal. Entering the mortal’s mind briefly, he listened in on his thoughts disgusted with the ease in which they were capable of giving up the will to live. With a snort, he unfolded his wings and flew the distance separating them faster than the mortal eye could follow landing a few feet in front of the drunk man just as quickly folding his wings back up just as quickly and repairing the rip in his coat with a thought. Focusing Xavier watched the man holding the darkness around him to remain unseen as the unfortunate staggered up the street towards him. A trickle of compassion leaking into him he took in the mortal’s haggard appearance from the torn shirt where you could see his ribs peeking through to the threadbare jeans with a safety pin holding them together. He most likely could not afford shoes because he walked in just his socks, which also had holes in them allowing him to see feet, which were cracked, bleeding, and frost bitten. The open bottle of scotch in his left hand that was half-empty and the pistol in his trembling right hand instantly became his sole focus. As the unfortunate final stumbled his way close to him, he let go of the darkness sending out a quick pray to the Creator that he would give him the words to say to save his soul.

The man drew to an abrupt halt almost crashing into Xavier at his sudden appearance and nearly dropping his bottle in shock. “hhhheeyy man wwhhere did you come from” he asked him squinting as he looked around him and behind Xavier as if to find the answer for himself.

“I was here the whole the time” he told him putting the compulsion in his mind to accept the explanation

There was a brief moment where the man’s eyes glazed over then he nodded his head “Oh” he said as continued to study him while swaying left and right. Shaking his head as if to clear it the mortal started to walk again determined to continue on his path “ww…wwell I need to be moo…moving along” he said to Xavier as a goodbye and walked past him still eyeing him with confusion.

Bowing slightly “as you wish” he said quietly allowing the man to walk a few paces before he put another compulsion in his mind. Turning around he watched as the man stopped his sad attempt at walking and after three tries turned around swaying again.

“Hey why don’t you come with me?” he asked Xavier in a moment of complete clarity that astonished him going by the expression on his face.
©Joie Luck