Your soul calls to mine before you even cross the room fearlessly demanding the very essence of my femininity

I can hear the blood rush in my ears, feel my pulse pounding incessantly as you stalk me like prey

Your body hard, ready, and primed to conquer

Your unwavering eyes containing within them a dangerous promise that shoots a thrill through me

Dazed I stand captivated yet aching with a void only you can fill

The waves of heat emitting from your body warm ice-cold recesses located in me that until this moment I was unaware of

 Finally, you approach me after what seems like a lifetime and I take a step back never had I imagined our joining would be like this

The amusement on your face at my instinctual fear and feeble attempt at self-preservation triggering my aggression

In a movement quicker than I can catch one arm snakes around my waist to meld our bodies together

Your lips come down on mine

Our fingers tangle together

My body wraps around yours

Ours eyes meet with tears in both at the beauty of finally being joined

Our rhythm begins to falter as you clutch me closer tucking your head in my neck

I meet you halfway as your pace speeds

 Your normally steady heartbeat becomes frantic demanding mine to match it

Rising up on your arms, you demand I look into your eyes

Again, your soul calls to mine

My body tingles with overwhelming emotion and passion

I am unable to overcome the trembling as you hold me captive with your gaze

With a final scream, I relinquish my most precious possession clutching you in more ways than one as your weight suddenly presses down on me

With a gleam of wicked satisfaction in your eye with a roar out your pleasure placing your mark in me possessively

Showering me with kisses, you pull back and look into my eyes and I can see my soul in them surprised I am not as frightened by that as I thought

And in that moment I know that I have been truly and utterly possessed