Twin Decisions Chapter Three

Chapter Three


It took Rebel about an hour to get dressed he and Jet went through their closet with a fine tooth comb before finally settling on a pair of black jeans and gray and black long sleeve retro skully western shirt and his black buffalo Stetson to top it all off. He’d pulled his hair back into a low pony tail so it would be tame under his hat and even put on some cologne something he never did and not to mention busted out his best boots. Overall he looked so good Jet insisted on taking a picture for their scrapbook now he just hoped all his effort paid off.

The two of them were so nervous they’d gotten ready a whole hour early so he’d been sitting here slumped down in his seat waiting for about twenty minutes while listening to the Viva station on the XM radio. Grabbing his phone he answered probably the fiftieth text from Jet letting him know that he was still waiting for her. Checking his clock as he tapped a nervous rhythm on his steering wheel he thought about how the date would go when a tapping on the window made him just about jump out his bones. “Jesus Christ!” he yelled starting to reach under his seat for his gun but the feminine laughter made him pause.

Laughing hysterically Z held her stomach gasping for air “oh God I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you” she said her eyes sparkling with glee.

Getting out of the car he shook his head and finally laughed once his heart finally went back to a normal pace “Okay you got me” he chuckled but then all humor left him when he got a load of what she had on.

All her long thick dreads were piled high on top of her head to create the largest bun he’d ever seen, she had only the tiniest bit of mascara and eyeliner on to accent her beautiful large cat eyes and her berry red lipstick made her lips look so enticing it was enough to make him harden. His eyes traveled possessively up and down her body as he took in her beautiful chocolate skin glowing deliciously next to the white and gold bandage dress that stopped just above her knees caressing her beautiful hourglass shape to perfection. Her legs were a mile long in the six inch white and gold beaded platform heels. “You are beyond words cariño” he cracked out his eyes traveling to the  wide gold Chanel collar around her neck that made him want to do things to her that he was sure  she was in no way prepared for.

Zuradia did a quick twirl smiling “you like it?”

Groaning he subtly shifted trying to get the sight of that dress hugging her beautiful behind out of his mind “Come one we should hurry if we are going to make our reservations”.

Nodding she smiled when he took her hand threading their first two fingers together as he walked her to the passenger side. Opening the door he turned around and shocking her wrapped his large hands around her waist lifting her into his huge truck like she weighed nothing then recapturing her hand placed a quick wet kiss on the inside of her wrist before closing the door and jogging to other side.

“Okay let’s go” he said cheerily as if he didn’t just set her body on fire.


Rebel followed the hostess as she led them to a secluded booth towards the back of the Bluebonnet the most exclusive restaurant in town. He felt an immense sense of pride and possessiveness having her on his arm. His beautiful woman drew the eye of everyone in the place from admiring men to jealous women and who could blame them she was stunning.

“The waitress will be back to take your orders shortly” the girl said to them as they sat down smiling before she promptly walked off.

“So what are you in the mood for?” he asked her after spending a few minutes in silence as they both looked over the menus.

“I’m a country girl through and through give me the steak and potatoes” she said smiling sheepishly.

Man this was his dream woman “me too any time of the day plus I love a woman that can eat” he said smiling and they both shared a laugh which finally allowed her to warm up.

As they fell into a companionable silence he began to think about the plan he and Jet had come up with for tonight and the misgivings he was starting to have. The waitress’s sudden appearance quickly pulled him out of his maudlin thoughts and he quickly gave her their orders adding a nice bottle of Rioja to complement everything.

Zuradia smiled sweetly at him the entire time idly running her finger along the inside of his wrist. “You know I really appreciate your great manners. It’s nice to know chivalry isn’t dead”

Smiling broadly his eyes crinkly adorably at the sides “I just do what I was raised to cariño. Ou…My father treated my mother like a queen and taught me to treat all women the same”. Before she could respond Rebel rose from his seat smiling down at her “will you excuse me for a quick moment Z I need to use the restroom”?


Damn he berated himself he almost slipped up that fast he needed to pay more attention to what he said. It’s just that she was just so easy to be around he nearly gave them away that fast. Entering the handicap stall he locked the door and pulled out his phone and called his brother.

Jet answered on the first ring  not even  bothering with hello “Are you there? How does she look? How are things going?”

 Laughing “Calm down hermano you’ll find out everything soon enough”.

“Yeah you’re right.  You remember what you’re supposed to do right? When you go back in put the phone face down but place it closer to her so I can hear everything that goes on”.

“I know I know we went over everything a million times before I left”.

“Good, bueno are things going do you think she’ll go home with us?”

“Yes so make sure you don’t forget and change your clothes” while Rebel was getting ready for the date earlier as they came up with the plan he had the idea for Jet to put on the same outfit so that he could bring Zuradia home with him from dinner and they could switch giving him time with her as well. Hopefully if tonight went as perfect as he felt it would they wouldn’t have to keep up this charade for long.

“Rebel you listening” his brother yelled pulling him out of his thoughts “you better get back you’ve been gone awhile”.

“Damn your right okay I’m putting you in my shirt pocket remember put your end on mute” with that he left the men’s room heading back to their unknowing date.


Zuradia watched as Rebel walked back to her his long easy stride was downright sexy. Quickly wiping the few tears that slipped out when she thought he might have changed his mind about her and ditched her she smiled as he kissed her cheek before sitting down. Rebel was a gentlemen she should have known he wouldn’t do something like that. She was just a nervous wreck.

“Sorry I took so long cariño” he mumbled.

“No worries” she assured wondering what did take him so long and watching as he pulled his IPhone out of his shirt pocket and placed it face down in the center of the table.

At her confused look he laughed “So you know you have my undivided attention cariño” he told her not exactly lying.

“I like that” biting her lip she reached into her clutch and took out her blackberry placing it beside his “and now you know you have mine”.

“And I’m honored” his soft deep husky voice slid over her making her shiver “but at a later date we are going to discuss why you are the only person in America that still has a blackberry” he pointed to her phone one eyebrow arching up comically.

“Oh God not you too” she groaned making them both laugh.

“I glad you agreed to come out with me tonight cariño I’ve liked you for a long time” Rebel said softly to her.

Suddenly feeling uncharacteristically shy she looked down at the table fiddling with her napkin “So have I. Liked you too that is and I’m glad I came too I’m having a great time”.


Walking out to the parking lot arm in arm Rebel discreetly made sure the light from his phone was facing his chest so that she wouldn’t be able to tell that it was on. Going into this night  he’d already had strong feelings for her but after tonight he didn’t think either he or Jet would be capable of letting her go and neither one of them had touched her yet. They’d talked about literally everything and he couldn’t believe how much they had in common even guilty pleasures that he and Jet would never tell a living soul about. Tightening his arm around her waist he felt her small hot hand tuck into his back pocket like a brand as he walked them around to the passenger side of his pickup. What was it about this woman? It wasn’t a secret that he had a love for women but whenever he was around Zuradia he felt like he was back in elementary school with his first crush.

Needing to taste her like he needed his nest breath in a startling movement caged in-between his body and his truck her head immediately tilted back and her lush mouth opened just a fraction as her breathing increased.

“I’m not ready to let you go yet cariño. I enjoy you very much”.

Zuradia shuddered at the sexy man’s words her voice coming out in a squeak she cleared it and started over “so what do you suggest”. She normally never moved this fast but with Rebel it just felt right and as perfect as the night was going it just seemed like fate that they would end it together as corny as that sounded.

The laugh he gave her was full of promise as she felt herself respond “Come home with me Zuradia” he leaned down and whispered in her ear.

Biting her lip she mulled it over. Going home with him was a big step but something in her said that it was the right one “yes I’ll go home with you Rebel” she said her voice embarrassingly shaky.

Cupping her chin he tilted her face up tracing her lips with the pad of his calloused thumb. “You’re so beautiful” he sighed reverently before joining their mouths.

His kiss was intoxicating his tastes a mixture of the wine they had earlier, their chocolate dessert and something else completely unnamable, completely male and Rebel. One hand cupped the back of her head while the other trailed down her back not stopping until he reached her bottom and began deeply kneading the soft flesh. He pressed her tighter to him as he nipped her bottom lip demanding entrance. The second she opened for him he pressed her further into the car as he slid his tongue against hers slowly sucking her tongue into his mouth then resume their erotic duel once more.

The kiss went on forever as she clung to his massive biceps for dear life moaning into his mouth. Her nipples were painfully hard the tight little buds rubbed against the fabric of her dress and his rock hard chest becoming more sensitized by the moment. Slowly he began to break the kiss in small increments  giving her  small sensual stinging little nips followed by a soothing swipe of his tongue until finally his stepped away leaving them both panting.

Rebel exerted all the control he’d gained through the years taming himself. He wanted nothing more than to hike up that dress and take her right here in this parking lot she looked absolutely luscious with the lust dazed look in her eyes, her lips wet and swollen from his kisses. God! Need to get himself under control “come on cariño the faster we leave…” he let the sentence trail off  as he reached around and opened the door and helped her in.  As he got to the back of his truck he looked to make sure she wasn’t paying attention and took his phone out of his pocket and shut it down.