Who You Are: Stories of The Grand Hotel Chapter 1 (Available for free download link included)

Chapter One


Luke hurried through the various stations in his rush to hear the beginning of his favorite radio show. Quickly he turned the dials on the hotel’s Philco 39-55 floor model radio looking for his favorite broadcast wishing he had his Atwater but god forbid he be out of fashion… out with the 30’s and in with the 40’s. And here he was fiddling with this dumb thing looking for his favorite show, cause if he was going to be made to dance well then by golly it was going to be to Bing.

“Ladies and Gentlemen Live from Hollywood, California Bing Crosby Entertainment it’s the Bing and Andy Show” Bing Crosby’s velvety bass rang through the radio speakers giving Luke his first smile of the night.   


“Oh darling I do hope you don’t think me terribly forward. It’s just that…well I feel as if I’ve known you forever” the rich dame better known as Luke’s soon to be meal drawled in what she thought was a sexy voice as they moved to the softly playing music and Crosby’s voice which like always was liquid velvet to the ears in the prestigious royal suite at the Grand Hotel in Highmount, NY. Her hands slowly began to trail up his chest one stopping at the lapel of his crisp white dinner jacket the other snaking around to the nape of his neck to tangle her fingers in the soft curls found there he quickly had to suppress the instinct to pull away from her. “In such a short time you’ve come to mean so much to me darling. Please tell me I’m not alone” she begged him pouting her lips prettily.

Luke looked down at the irritating woman in his arms barely cutting off his growl of frustration. When he’d first met Faye two weeks ago she had to be one of the most beautiful and vibrant human women he’d ever encountered…traits that attracted an older vampire like himself loved in their prey. But then the poor girl started opening her mouth and he’d regretted his choice ever since. More importantly he was getting tired of this whole routine he seemed to continuously go through for so long he’d lost count. He was so tired of it all. The meaningless encounters, the deceptions both his and theirs, going home alone, etc…so tired he contemplated untangling from Faye and leaving. Leaving the Grand, leaving New York just leaving…well almost but as his hand slid down her back settling in at the deep arch in her lower back he nearly started purring from the combinations of the beautiful gold beaded satin gown and the stiff boning from the corset she wore underneath and the steady ache in his gums where is fangs itched to descend was his only reason for staying, he desperately needing to feed he just wished he could figure out why he suddenly felt so repulsed at the thought of doing it.


Twin Decisions Chapter Four

Chapter Four


Zuradia twisted her fingers nervously as she watched Rebel unlock the door to his large ranch style home. She’d never been this nervous in her life and the fact that he acted a little strangely on the way home was odd. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but he seemed distracted or like his mind was in two different places. She jumped startled completely unprepared when his hot callused hand wrapped around both of hers the rough texture doing all types of things to her body.

Chuckling at her obvious surprise “Come in” he welcomed her…the promise in his voice clear.

 “You have a lovely home” Zuradia complimented Rebel as she looked around his large ranch style home. Her eyes settled on their painting of an Indian chief that his Parents left them “that’s beautiful” she compliment her eyes sparking with pleasure a dazzling ear to ear smile stretched across her face.

Immediately he began to harden as he began to picture what she would look like in the throes of passion that moment when you played a woman’s body so masterfully she didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or beat you over the head demanding you fuck her. Laughing in his head ‘time to switch or I won’t be able to leave her’ he said to himself. Clearing his throat hoping to get rid of some of the huskiness that suddenly appeared “would you like something to drink another glass of wine maybe?” he asked her.