Casted From Arms Of Grace Chapter One: Dangerous Thoughts... Conclusion

Chapter One: Dangerous Thoughts... Conclusion:
Releasing the unfortunate from his compulsion knowing it was dangerous for his mind to be tampered with when is such an inebriated state he shook his head yes and followed him without a word. When he approached him, he smiled slightly to him to put him at ease “where are we going?”

Blinking a few times the mortal just stared blankly at him the smell of alcohol coming out of his pores was strong enough to make Xavier nauseous. “Tt... to the bri…bridge” he said his inebriated state returned to him.

Falling into a companionable silence the two of them walked the short distance to the bridge turning onto the pedestrian walk and continued. Stealing sidelong glances at the man Xavier noticed how he seemed be warring with himself. Knowing the mortal would soon talk he continued to just remain a strong presence beside him watching as he periodically stopped walking to peer over the railing of the bridge only to lift back up again shaking his head and continue walking all the while seeming to maintain some sort of inner dialogue. They continued on this way for about fifteen minutes before the mortal stopped faced Xavier leaning against the iron railing for support. He observed him silently as the mortal lifted the bottle to his lips drained the rest of its contents and chucked the empty bottle over his shoulder and into the East River.

Speaking in a voice barely above a whisper “you know I have no idea why I asked you to come this isn’t the sort of thing one wants an audience for”. Looking down at the pavement, he shuffled his feet a bit “wwhat’s your name” he asked him completely throwing Xavier off balance.


Casted From Arms Of Grace Chapter One: Dangerous Thoughts... Part One

Chapter one: Dangerous Thoughts...Part One
Standing in front of the open window Xavier Pushed his hair back as the wind blew it into his face. “I wonder is it really worth it. Are they really worth it. I am beginning to understand the dark one's position” he grumbled to himself feeling an unmistakable presence coming towards him he turned to face the door as it open his eyes at once changing from bitterness to reverence.
"Your thoughts take  a dangerous turn " The Creator says to me as he walks forward the ethereal light that always surrounds him almost blinding even my eyes.
Going to his knees in respect  he took up the position of the traditional bow which allowed him to also lower his head to preserve his eyesight from The Creator’s  heavenly glow "I meant no disrespect my King" kissing his hand "I beg your forgiveness. Xavier hissed at the sudden jolt of electricity as The Creator grasped his chin in a firm grip and tilted his head up to look upon his face his heavenly glow dimming just enough to not hurt his eyes but not enough to see his face in return. Suddenly feeling unworthy he lowered his eyes knowing better than to remove his face from The Creator’s gentle yet unyielding grip.
"Nay! Look upon me” he commanded him the power in his voice surrounded his very being “Do you not understand why the love for my children is absolute?"
"No my lord"