Short Stories And Novels

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Who You Are: Stories Of The Grand Hotel *
It’s 3am in the morning at The Grand Hotel in 1943. The ballroom is packed with the most elegant guest for the party of the year, the staff is checking in some of the most famous and richest people of the era. Chefs from Paris to cook anything imaginable and someone to cater to your every whim at any hour of the day or night. Overall if you can afford the Grand life is good.
But for the beautiful rich vampire Luke Aris as he lets himself get suckered into dancing with his yet another nameless, faceless shallow rich girl he realizes life’s not all peaches and cream anymore.
On the other side of the tracks tired to the bone it’s finally time for Cloris to go home after a twelve hour day. Normally she quietly accepts her lot in life but for some reason not today. So when her evil manager comes over to harass her she doesn’t take it lying down this time.
Read how Luke and Cloris’s worlds collide in the most interesting of ways in this story of how love can happen at the most inopportune time and come from the most unexpected of places.      


Twin Decisions
Zuradia Jackson daughter of the owner of biggest cattle rancher and equestrian show in Utopia, TX has got it bad for the mysterious horse breeder Rebel Ramirez. After a over a year of tipping around each other she is more confused than ever about where they stand.

Rebel Ramirez has been in love with Zuradia since the moment he first drove into town over a year ago but he’s got a major secret. One that can break them apart before they ever really got started.  
Casted From Arms of Grace
The story of Xavier a guardian Elim who suddenly finds himself not only questioning his whole existence but the judgment of The Creator as well. Follow his journey as he searches for the truth and makes a decision that will effect him for eternity.

                                                                  Strangers *
On the mend from a recent breakup Elle is having the worst time on her girls night out. Well until Dom arrives and completely takes her over. Will Elle throw caution to the wind and take a risk? Or will her and Dom part as Strangers.

Take Me On Valentines Day *
It's Valentine's Day and Melissa has decided that enough is enough. After over a year of constant fighting she is going to get her husband back. And what better day to do it on then V-Day!
Achai loves his wife with everything in him but there are some things about him she just doesn't need to know. Will he be able to conquer his fears and let his wife in on his secrets in order to save his marriage?