Casted From Arms Of Grace Chapter One: Dangerous Thoughts... Conclusion

Chapter One: Dangerous Thoughts... Conclusion:
Releasing the unfortunate from his compulsion knowing it was dangerous for his mind to be tampered with when is such an inebriated state he shook his head yes and followed him without a word. When he approached him, he smiled slightly to him to put him at ease “where are we going?”

Blinking a few times the mortal just stared blankly at him the smell of alcohol coming out of his pores was strong enough to make Xavier nauseous. “Tt... to the bri…bridge” he said his inebriated state returned to him.

Falling into a companionable silence the two of them walked the short distance to the bridge turning onto the pedestrian walk and continued. Stealing sidelong glances at the man Xavier noticed how he seemed be warring with himself. Knowing the mortal would soon talk he continued to just remain a strong presence beside him watching as he periodically stopped walking to peer over the railing of the bridge only to lift back up again shaking his head and continue walking all the while seeming to maintain some sort of inner dialogue. They continued on this way for about fifteen minutes before the mortal stopped faced Xavier leaning against the iron railing for support. He observed him silently as the mortal lifted the bottle to his lips drained the rest of its contents and chucked the empty bottle over his shoulder and into the East River.

Speaking in a voice barely above a whisper “you know I have no idea why I asked you to come this isn’t the sort of thing one wants an audience for”. Looking down at the pavement, he shuffled his feet a bit “wwhat’s your name” he asked him completely throwing Xavier off balance.

Looking at the man in complete shock for a minute before he answered “Xavier” he told him honestly in all the centuries he had been doing the work of a guardian this was the only unfortunate to have ever asked his name. He did not bother to ask the mortal’s name in return because he’d already plucked it from his head earlier and found out it was Jake. Closing the distance between them, he came and stood beside Jake recognizing that his uncontrollable shaking just might be early signs of hypothermia he projected out his body heat to share with him knowing that Elims ran about four times hotter than mortals did. “how about you tell me why you are here” he asked him suddenly becoming personally invested in this unfortunate

Turning his head to the left to look at Xavier with unfocused eyes he smiled bitterly at him “it’s four o’clock in the morning on a Sunday and I’m on the Brooklyn bridge by myself “holding up his hand with the gun and waving the empty one “with a gun and… well the scotch is gone but what do you think I plan to do” he finished his voice becoming extremely soft and cracking towards the end.

Looking the mortal over again “you’ve had a rough time of it?” he asked him

Jake’s eyes searched his for a moment the need to find understanding in another evident in his eyes “yes” he answered simply and tucked his chin into his bony chest. He was quiet for a long while but  the soft whimpering sounds, the soft up and down movements of his shoulders and from the slight change of scent in the air told Xavier the mortal was crying. “They’ve all left me you know” the mortal began speaking again abruptly “I can’t go on” he told him burping at the end.

Tilting his head to the side, he resisted the urge to simply enter the unfortunates mind and speed up this whole ordeal. “I’m here to listen if you want to talk if you want. I’m not doing anything else right now,” he told him softening his voice to sound more welcoming.

Looking skeptically at Xavier for a few minutes he nodded agreement with that his brows creasing in between his eyes as he concentrated on his words. “well” he began as he slide down to sit on the ground "I have to tell you first I wasn’t always like this you know”. He stopped talking to watch Xavier lower himself down beside him before he continued “I had this sweet job my professor arranged it for me I made more money than even my Mom. Got a place over in Brooklyn Heights” he told the Elim proudly “who would have ever thought some Irish kid from Vinegar Hill would go slumming out there huh. Pretty damn good huh?”

The mortal seemed to be waiting for him to respond he watched him with an almost smug smile on his face waiting for his praise but Xavier scratched his head in confusion. Being familiar with both areas, he knew that was quite a come up and his curiosity getting away from him he spoke before he thought “it couldn’t have been for very long”

Immediately his whole demeanor changed the crocked smirk on his face turning into an ugly grimace. “wh..who the hell do you think you are?” he demanded trying to get up but his intense state of inebriation not allowing it “ I use to be somebody damn it!” he scream out making his face turn red and spittle flying out of his mouth

Immediately sensing his error inwardly Xavier sighed ‘I will never get mortals even in this sad state he now finds himself the man’s ego is a big as the empire state building’ he thought to himself. Projecting a serene presence he touched the man’s shoulder pulling out his aggression “Forgive me Jake I had no right to say that. Tell me what happened,” he told that man though he could not understand why one would get so upset for hearing the truth

The unfortunate looked into his eyes for a few minutes while seeming to have some inner struggle. Though Xavier practically vibrated with the need to speed this entire ordeal along he barely restrained from staying out of the unfortunates personal thoughts.

Suddenly his whole body seemed to slump “well the company let go of my whole department. That was the start of it looking back on it now I know I’d been living above my means and to be honest it was mainly to impress her,” he told him shuddering a bit at the mention of whoever ‘her’ was. “I told her we needed to save money but she kept spending and spending and I couldn’t find a job fast enough” he looked up at Xavier seeming to need reassurance so he reached over and patted his shoulder intending it as a consolatory gesture. Smiling softly for a split second “you know repo men are the scum of the earth . You must be a right bastard to take a job like that they came and took everything” he told him his voice shaking “ and in front of everyone the whole building watched as they emptied my place and took my cars hell they took everything and then the building manger came up and escorted me off of the premises with a police escort after they retrieved all of my keys and clubhouse fobs”

Looking at the unfortunate Xavier still couldn’t see what could have happened to make him choose this path all of this was horrible yes but from what he pulled from the mortal’s mind he had family he could have stayed with they could have helped him start over he was missing something crucial. “So that’s what’s wrong your upset about your job?” he asked him trying to figure out this mess so he could leave the mortal disgusted him.

His face once again contorting in anger Jake stood up “I loved her I gave her everything! That bitch was nothing before I met her and the minute things got tough she leaves, she owed me loyalty,” he yelled as he began to pace back and forth his arms flailing in his anger making his lack of cleanliness once again apparent. “All of this is her fault she is the reason I’m like this I can’t get her out of my head” he suddenly stopped all movements turning his back to Xavier. “She’s with my old boss now I sleep behind the dumpster where they live so I can see her” looking around he walked up to the railing and looked over then back at Xavier as he began to take of his tattered coat and raggedy shirt. “Yesterday I saw her and she was coming home with a wedding dress” he glanced back at Xavier but quickly turned his attention back to the water. “She must have just brought it cause it was in one of those fancy bags but there’s no mistaking a wed... wedding dress,” he said his voice cracking and tears once again threatening to fall. “I haven’t been able to get close to her get her to talk to me or I would take her with me. If I can’t have her no one should be able to” he said his voice turning menacing “not after all the work and investments I’ve put into that gold digger”

Xavier immediately jumped up off the ground sickened by what the mortal had said. “So you are doing this because of a woman?” he asked astonished looking over the railing into the water then returning his attention back onto the unfortunate and snorted in disgust any compassion he had for the man instantly vanished.

Jake turned to face him and looked at him as if he was daft “have you been listening? This is not just over a woman. She’s THE WOMAN!” he yelled spittle flying out of his mouth forcing the Elim to hastily jump back a step to avoid getting sprayed. “She’s everything no one else can ever compare life isn’t worth living” his voice broke again and he turned to the water once more unbuckling his pants now and letting them carelessly slide down his body revealing more of his malnourished body. “She’s the only reason I worked so hard in the first place. I had to have her she was the hottest piece on my block and every guy knows she only goes with guys that take care of her. Yeah she dissed me at first but you know what I did? I made sure that she knew that she couldn’t get anyone else that would take care of her like me baby, that’s what I did” he said with an air of arrogance that Xavier was astounded  he could still possess considering his present circumstances. “I should have known that good for nothing gold digger would try to ditch me when things got tough” sneering he seemed to lose more and more control “but here’s the thing she doesn’t just leave me. It don’t work like that baby I’m done when I’m done and not a minute before!” he screamed furiously he rage so encompassing that his words were barely coherent.

Xavier backed away a few more steps shaking his head. Through his long years, he had encountered many mortals and most once he reasoned with them realized that they were not thinking soundly and accepted his help readily but it never failed to shock him when he came across those such as this unfortunate. Against his better judgment, he went into the mortal’s mind not bothering to mask his presence. Shuddering he swallowed down the bile that came up at his first contact with the unfortunate’s murky aura. It took him a few minutes to make since out of the chaos and confusion, that was his mind but when he did, it was shocking to discover that the disturbing remarks the mortal made so far were nothing compared to what was going on in his mind. Unable to contain his temper any longer “are you for real? This is your oh so devastating problem?” stepping further away from the unfortunate something in him began to snap. “I want you to look at me and  listen to me okay because I am positive that no one has ever told you this before even though you desperately needed to be told” he said to him baffled by this entire situation and beginning to see the mortal as a waste of time. He waited patiently until he tore his eyes away from the water and met his eyes “you are crazy and not just that but you’ve got one of the worst cases of entitlement issues I’ve ever seen. So you’ve lost your job. Get another,” he told the jerk steadily losing control of his temper “Your girl left well newsflash it sounds like it wasn’t a romance made in heaven from the start anyway. Get another one there billions of women in the world but this obsession of yours is sick. This view of the world you have is disturbing. Grow up go to your family get them to help you because what you’re doing isn’t normal”

“Ss... screw you; you know nothing about me there’s nothing wrong with me how dare you have no idea what it’s been like.” bursting into tears he began to climb up onto the railing sitting down with his feet dangling over the side. Losing his balance for a second, he quickly regained it in an attempt to look back over his shoulder to look at Xavier “You She was the reason for everything I did nothing to deserve her ungratefulness” he said to him tears and snot both streaming down his face clouding his vision as he broke down.

Xavier said nothing as he watched the unfortunate warring with himself on his next course of action. He knew his position as a guardian required him to save all mortals if within his power but he was coming to realize within the last century that not everyone should be and this unfortunate just firmly solidified his point. Making a decision he dropped his mortal facade allowing his true self to come forward taking a twisted satisfaction in the mortal’s shocked realization that he was something more. He watched as Jake took in his true self his eyes traveling the length of his body a shocked dazed expression in his eyes as his head tilted back to accommodate his well over seven feet. He watched as his eyes ate up his heavily muscled chest and biceps. Tilting his head to the side, he watched the unfortunate study him fascinated the light from the street lamps brought his attention up to his long hair which was now back to its true color a shade of silver that was indescribable. Returning his attention back to his face the mortal took in his large black cat shaped eyes with dark lashes long enough to make them look almost feminine. His skin the color of spun gold had the mortal unconsciously reaching out to touch until a second later when it began to faintly glow.

Recognition suddenly dawned in the mortal’s eyes “You’re an Elim” he gasped almost losing his precarious balance. His eyes still raking over him a million different expressions and emotions flying across his face before he finally settled on confusion.

Deciding to go the straightforward route “I’m here to prevent you from making a mistake” his voice reverberated with power as he told him coming to stand beside him and looking over at the water. “Jake” Xavier used his name as a plea “there is so much anger in you this isn’t’ the way to be free of it. Let me help you” he asked him softly

Pure rage flashed in his eyes “Stay out of my head you don’t know anything I don’t care what you are. I know what I’m doing why don’t you just leave” he spat out to him a second before his body tensed to jump.

In a flash, Xavier had his arms around him trying to pull the mortals struggling body from dangling over the railing.

“Let me go!” Jake yelled at him while squirming, biting, and scratching in attempt to force him to let him go. “LET ME G…”

They both froze Xavier holding the unfortunates dangling body the only thing between him and death. He felt the minute the mortals mind switched from rage, and hurt, and pain to lust and his body suddenly becoming aware of Xavier’s. Xavier’s nostrils flared at the offending smell of the mortal’s arousal and immediately let go wanting only to separate himself from the unfortunate. The mortal arouse such odious feelings in him that he unashamedly made no attempt at either catching or going over after him instead, he watched in what seemed like slow motion as the unfortunate fell towards the East River.

He watched in shock as just when the unfortunate should have hit the river he stopped his body freezing in midair. Xavier watched in fascination
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