Excerpt of "The Lord's Work" Coming soon!

...Smiling gently at her he went straight to the dining room and began setting up her breakfast. Her mouth watered as one by one he revealed what was under the silver covers. There was a large plate of exotic fruits, some breakfast pastries, also scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and a large carafe of coffee with cream and sugar and mango juice. He also placed a large vase of fresh hibiscus and Jamaican orchids before her in the center of the table. He also pulled out a long velvet jewelry box out of his pants pocket along with a small envelope and placed them beside her flowers. Leaving the cart there he bowed to her and began to walk to the door.

“Wait! “Rosalie yelled stopping the man “what’s that? Tell me” she asked him her voice coming out shaky as tears sprung from her eyes again.

The man turned around “I truly don’t know madam you must open it” he said kindly as if he sensed how fragile she was at the moment.

“He’s really gone isn’t he” she whispered flopping into one of the chairs as she tried to admit to her rebelling subconscious that he truly was gone.