Caught up

These feelings are overpowering
Overwhelmingly so
I'm feeling as if I'm flying gravity no longer has any meaning for me
I can no longer tell where you leave off and where I begin

Marble Goddess

Beautiful and Elegant
Untouchable and cold
My marble goddess
What I wouldn't give to crack that hard exterior



I have to rush to make it out before the sickness takes affect

So I jump up as fast as my feet allow

Getting dressed is no problem because when I’m with you I never seem to take anything off

When the cool air hits my face, I take a grateful breath



I am completely affected
Caught up in your gravitational pull
In awe of the way in which you so carelessly draw me in


Shall I

Shall I take you now?

And bind you soul to mine

Take you to places you’ve never been

Make your body a slave to mine



She’s an ever present temptation
The source of a million aches
So easily can she wrap you around her finger
You can deny her nothing
Despite the destruction she leaves in her wake
With stars in her eyes
And the moon in her hair
She intoxicates you
Like a siren luring you to her lair
And happily you go
Perfectly willing to be her fool
Just to find yourself having to pay her price
Her love didn’t come free
Nothing that good does
So as fast as she came into your life
You soon discover just how easily she can disappear
And that beautiful perfect finger that you so happily curled yourself around
Turned out to be a talon equipped with poison to infect you in its wake



Who knew the contrast between your white skin and my brown skin would be so erotic
just watching your hand run along my body makes me want to scream
your queen is what you call me while you worship my body with your own
the pleasure I get from running the silky strands of your hair through my fingers
who knew this could be so erotic



On the mend from a recent breakup Elle is having the worst time on her girls night out. Well until Dom arrives and completely takes her over. Will Elle throw caution to the wind and take a risk? Or will her and Dom part as Strangers.
The Updated Version of "Strangers" is available for free download at: http://www.writerjoiecuentista.weebly.com

I know I know I cannot believe I let Jayla and Tony drag me here tonight. The bar scene is so not me at all and they know it. However, I guess their right Kara and me have been broken up for three months now it is time to move on I guess. But what the fuck am I doing at a straight bar geese.

“You want a refill hon.”

I have to admit though the bartender is one hell of a cutie. Tall, thick, and brunette yup that’s how I like'em and that’s exactly what she is.