Twin Decisions Chapter One

Chapter One

      “She’s so beautiful Jet” Rebel Ramirez the oldest by two minutes whispered to his identical twin as the lay down flat on the hill above the private pond watching as the love of his  life currently swam naked believing herself to be alone. Resting his chin on his fist he looked over at his brother he was pleased to see that he was just as enthralled “I’m telling you she’s the one”

Jet lay silently beside his brother resting his head on his shoulder their shoulder length curly black hair mixing and tangling together. Ever since they were kids they’d never been able to do anything with it so they just let it be and women seemed to like it so whatever. As he watched the beautiful woman splash around he was overcome by this wave of possessiveness he’d never experienced before. “What’s her name hermano” he asked his voice gone husky and shifted a little to give his semi-erect cock some relief.

“Zuradia Jackson” Rebel responded his voice mirroring his own exactly “see I told you she was worth moving here with me for”. Rebel and Jet had spent the last three years living across the country from each other and even though neither twin was willing to admit that it was pure agony for them both. He’d been trying to get him to move from Florida back to Texas where they belonged but after Megan he just wouldn’t hear it. But as he’d gotten to know the stunning Zuradia Rebel knew that she was the one and convinced his brother to come back. He just needed to tell him the rest.

“Zuradia” he said her name clutching it to him like a talisman. “What are we waiting for lets go get our girl” he commanded

“Well here’s the thing hermano. She’s real conservative her Padre owns the biggest ranch in town and he keeps a tight rein on her. I don’t think she will date both of us together” he admitted

“Then why am I here” Jet growled out

“I’ve been getting to know this girl she has fire that she doesn’t even know she has. No one’s seen you at all and people have all but forgotten I’m a twin.” He smiled expecting him to pick up on the rest

Starring at him blankly for a minute “what the hell are you talking about Rebel” he demanded turning back to look at his woman

Rolling his eyes “We both date her we just won’t tell her. We’ll do the twin switch thing and that will give her a chance to fall in love with us both. When the time is right we’ll tell her but she’ll already be in love by then don’t you see”

Jet rolled over onto his back looking up into the sky as he contemplated Rebel’s plan. He was just about to tell him it was a bad idea when he heard her laugh travel over to them. Both of them leaned over the hill again watching as she feed some ducks while lying on a blanket.

Her chocolate skin was smooth and beautiful it glistened with water from the pond and he wanted to lick off every drop. As she lay down on her back and stretched her arms above her head her waist length dreadlocs fell around her body like a blanket curling adorably at the ends. Her small pert breast jutted proudly into the air as her back arched. The slight curve to her tummy was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen and her soft thick thighs were a thing a beauty. This was a woman made for a man and just any man she was made for them.

They both moved back from the edge at the same time meeting each other’s eyes “Vamos a hacerlo! Let’s do it” they say in unison


Zuradia lay on her blanket after her swim watching her nipples pucker as the wind blew gently across them. Twirling one of her locs between her fingers as her mind began to wander. She went swimming here every day at noon it was the only time she could get away lately it seemed. It was the only chance she got to think about him Rebel Ramirez.

Suddenly a picture of him popped up into her mind and her body responded like it never had before. She imagined all that beautiful curly brown hair and his green almond shaped eyes. His high cheekbones and sharp nose indicted some Indian ancestry complimenting his olive skin tone. His full lips had been the source of more than one fantasy of hers and that sharp cleft chin with that chiseled jaw. He just screamed out masculine beauty. He was even taller than her at six foot four and a good 260 lbs. and not an ounce of fat on him which was sexy as hell.

At five ten she tended to be taller or the same height as just about every man she met so it was refreshing to be around a guy that made her feel like a girl. She imagined his large thick muscular thighs in those sexy chaps he wore and groaned. Along with that sexy Mexican accent and all those tattoos god he was her dream man.

Biting her lip she let go of her hair as she contemplated Rebel. She couldn’t tell if he liked her at all he came to the ranch to talk to her all the time and they’d even sat and had a few cups of coffee after running into each other in town randomly. However he never indicated any interest. He’s always perfect gentleman, attentive, chivalrous, but he never touches her and has never asked for her number or asked her out. Then again the few times she’d gotten up the courage to touch him he would lean into her touch and none to subtlety. Confused more than ever “what is in that gorgeous mind of yours Rebel?” she wondered out loud.