Twin Decisions Chapter Four

Chapter Four


Zuradia twisted her fingers nervously as she watched Rebel unlock the door to his large ranch style home. She’d never been this nervous in her life and the fact that he acted a little strangely on the way home was odd. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but he seemed distracted or like his mind was in two different places. She jumped startled completely unprepared when his hot callused hand wrapped around both of hers the rough texture doing all types of things to her body.

Chuckling at her obvious surprise “Come in” he welcomed her…the promise in his voice clear.

 “You have a lovely home” Zuradia complimented Rebel as she looked around his large ranch style home. Her eyes settled on their painting of an Indian chief that his Parents left them “that’s beautiful” she compliment her eyes sparking with pleasure a dazzling ear to ear smile stretched across her face.

Immediately he began to harden as he began to picture what she would look like in the throes of passion that moment when you played a woman’s body so masterfully she didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or beat you over the head demanding you fuck her. Laughing in his head ‘time to switch or I won’t be able to leave her’ he said to himself. Clearing his throat hoping to get rid of some of the huskiness that suddenly appeared “would you like something to drink another glass of wine maybe?” he asked her.

“Yes please” she answered quickly relived at his suggestion. She could use the liquid courage she thought.

Once more invading her personal space Rebel crowded her into the arm of the seat and placed several stinging kisses up her long neck trailing up to her lush mouth and kissing her deeply. Storing away the needy whimper she unashamedly released it when he abruptly ended the kiss leaving them both gasping for air … unable to resist he firmly grabbed the back of her neck quickly leaning down to kiss her once more tearing his mouth away just as fast “I’ll be right back” he rushed off leaving her reeling.

Quietly as possible he bypassed the kitchen going straight for the den where Jet waited dressed identically. Stepping to him he looked him up and down inspecting before he nodded satisfied. They didn’t need words they’d always had a connection neither could explain hugging his twin he moved past him to lay out on the futon settling in for a long night.



Nervous as a schoolboy Jet almost forgot about the wine on his way back to Zuradia and had to go back deciding to bring strawberries too.  Looking down at his hand he wasn’t surprised to see it shaking it was absolute torture listening to Zuradia all night and not being able to be with her but now that the moment was finally here he found himself quite a bit intimidated she was an amazing woman to say the least. Stealing up his nerve and hoping like hell this all worked out he mentally put on his big boy pants and walked into the living room where she sat reclined on the loveseat like an African goddess. “Ah hey you” he croaked out completely tongue-tied and kicking himself the minute the lame greeting came out.

Z giggled secretly delighted in Rebel’s sudden nervousness “hey you back” Rebel’s obvious nerves putting her own at ease. As he busied himself pouring the wine for them she took the time to study his profile he really was a beautiful man. He had the sexiest mole at the lower right corner of his mouth that she hadn’t noticed all night until that moment and the compulsion to lick and nibble on it was almost too much to resist.

Starring into her eyes Jet passed her one of the glasses “To us” he murmured while softly clinking her glass against his.

“Rebel I have to be honest I really like you” she told him pausing looking at him oddly when he visibly tensed.

Jet forced his body to remain calm he was quickly coming to realize how bad of an idea this whole charade truly was. He was dying to hear his name on her lips not his Twin’s he also truly hated lying to her but neither he nor Rebel could come up with anything better. As much as he loved being here with her it still felt something was missing without his hermano. He just hoped she understood everything when they finally told her the truth. “I really like you too” he confessed to her cutting off his own train of thought. “I’ve liked you for a long time” he told her speaking for both Rebel and himself.

Zuradia gulped down the rest of her wine and set down the empty glass happy for the liquid courage “so what are we doing here? I don’t want to be hurt” for brief moment letting her guard down.

 Jet set his drink down and cupped her face in his hands hurting to see such vulnerability in her eyes and touched his forehead to hers determined right there that he would never lie to her again. As soon as the moment was right he would tell her everything. He didn’t like how he felt in this moment or that he was betraying her “Cariño I can’t give you promises or guarantees about what will happen in the future” he told her his lips brushing against hers as he whispered. “But I can promise that I will do my best not to let that happen. I know this is all new and I don’t want to come on too strong but for me you’re the one. I just want to love you, make you happy” he reveled nudging her lips with his before he went on. “There are a lot of things I want to do with you Zuradia and I can assure you that hurting you is not even on the list” he said to her and then gave her a slow tender kiss that had both of their bodies on fire for more.

Zuradia moaned into Jet’s mouth feeling as if she was being completely consumed. Briefly in the back of her mind she wondered at his ability to kiss like he was two completely different people but as one of his large hands began a path up her ribcage to her swollen aching breast it cut off that thought as quickly as it came.  

Jet chuckled darkly at the needy whimper his cariño let out when he ended the kiss. Scoping her up into his arms he gave her another quick kiss before standing up and walking her to their bedroom as if she weighed no more than a child. Stamping down the temptation to slam her up against the wall and ram his straining cock into tight, wet heat as she began to place sweet shy little kisses along his neck he groaned and tightened  his grip exercising strength he didn’t know he had walking them into the large master suite.

Zuradia gasped as Rebel set her down her body sliding sinuously against his the electricity between them was unlike anything she’d ever experienced or expected. They were unable to take their eyes away from each other. She’d never had a man make her feel so desired.

It seemed that words were no longer needed as he left her standing in the middle of the room while he went to his dresser to take off his cufflinks. Shivering with need she was unable to remove her gaze from his as he stalked back towards her towering over her so tall she had to tilt her head back.

“Take down your hair” he issued the command gruffly sending more moisture to pool between her thighs.

Silently she began to take the pins out her arms purposefully brushing up against his chest as her hands worked efficiently. The tension between them began to string tighter and tighter as she shook her dreads out and they cascaded around the both of them falling to her waist like a dark, exotic curtain. The monoi oil she’d used in her hair wafted through the air as he kneaded his fingers through the thick mass to massage her scalp drawing a moan from her as she leaned back against him trusting him to hold up her weight.

Jet was astounded by how soft her hair was he couldn’t get enough of it. Burying his nose in her hair he took a big whiff as let his fingers trail lightly to her shoulders hooking them under her straps. “You’re so beautiful cariño may I see you” he whispered as he nuzzled down to her ear unhooking her collar and letting it fall forgotten to the floor  before taking a few minutes to chew and nibble on the small sexy lobe. Taking her needy moan as permission to continued dragging the tight dress down her body at an achingly slow pace helping her step out of it when he dropped it to pool down at her feet.

Stepping around her he took in the stunning vision she made. Her eyes heavy and glazed over with lust, her luscious lips even more swollen from both his and Rebel’s kisses that alone made his already aching erection twitch painfully. The subtle blush over across her cheeks was utterly fascinating he wanted to nibble and see how much deeper he could make them. Looking down he hissed “dios mío” taking in the sight of her like a starving man “let me just look at you for a moment” his accent thickening with his increased arousal.

Zuradia never felt more sexy or desired then in this moment standing in the center of Rebel’s bedroom half naked while he was still fully dressed shivering with need and biting her lip to cut off her moan as she watched his hot gaze travel her body. The corset she’d decided to wear under her dress was a spare of the moment thing… she hadn’t expected anything to happen tonight but now as she watched the pure lust in his eyes she was glad she followed her instincts.

As he stepped back leaving her in the center of the room his gaze darkening as he took in the cream lace under-bust corset with rhinestones snap down the center the effect against her chocolate skin was beyond stunning. She didn’t need a bra the corset pushed her breast up unbelievably high and presented them up for his pleasure like a present. Her handful size bosom looked swollen and needy her nipples tight and hard with little Goosebumps around them evidence of both her excitement and arousal. Wanting nothing more than to throw her down and ravish her Jet tramped down his baser urges as he eyes traveled hotly down her body once more having to fight another wave of near violent lust when he took in her lack of panties. “That’s real sexy cariño” he croaked clearing his throat.

Jet stood there not knowing where to start she was like an exquisite treat laid out just for him. He could feel himself growing more aroused than he’d ever been in his life as she stood there shivering with lust, little goose bumps popping up everywhere and waiting for him with such trust in her eyes. It floored him and suddenly made him feel like an absolute ass. Meeting her expression turned wary as if she’d sensed the sudden change in his mood.

“Wh...What is it Rebel” she asked her voice shaking and her arms going up to cover herself

Feeling even more horrible “I’m sorry cariño I just I don’t think you’re going to want to do this” he told her know instantly he was doing this badly.

“Huh don’t you think I should be the judge of that?” she asked laughing a bit but the worried look still hadn’t left her eyes.

“Wait until I explain okay” he said nervously gesturing for her to sit down on the bed

Becoming alarmed now “Explain what Rebel? Are you married? Gay? Is Rebel not really you name?”

“I’m not doing this well” he mumbled as he began pacing back in forth in front of her as she watched on her anxiety spiking.

“Rebel!” she yelled to get his attention wanting to get to the bottom of this her body still thrumming with intense arousal so it was also making it hard to focus as she watched all that powerful muscle move. To focus she cupped her head in her hands slowly massaging her temples with her thumbs.

Stopping he turned to her a look she could only describe as shame or guilt on his face “I’m sorry cariño. No I am not gay” he smiled briefly. “Nor am I married or anything else. Rebel however is not my name. My name is Jet” he said searching her eyes, for what she didn’t know.

Not wanting to jump to conclusions “oh well you go by your middle name I assume? I don’t see why you thought that was such a bomb to drop lots of people do that honey” she informed him sighing with relief. But when she looked back up at him and saw his face she knew it was something more. “ That’s it isn’t it? Jet’s your middle name?”

Shaking his head no “I am no good with words it is much better to show you. Please don’t leave wait here and I promise you will get your answers” he said not moving until she nodded her acceptance.

Half terrified she would leave while he was gone Jet jogged out of the room not stopping until he reached the den. Without knocking he opened the door where he found Rebel pacing in front of the window fists clenched and shoulders tight.

He didn’t need to say anything his hermano already knew. Neither one of them would ever have been able to go through with it. There is no way they could have started their relationship off this way. It would forever stain the relationship and the way Zuradia say them.

Meeting his eyes Rebel took a deep calming breath to gather his courage “okay let’s go tell her and pray she forgives us”.

With nothing else left to say Jet followed behind his twin as they walked back to the room with purposeful strides.

They both looked at the closed door with dread each hoping like hell this was going to go well neither wanting  open up to the possibility that she wouldn’t be so understanding. Looking at each other one last time for support they let their fears show for that one moment.

“Aquí va nada” Jet whispered.

“Si, here goes nothing” Rebel agreed as he bit the bullet and opened the door stepping through first his twin a breath behind.