On the mend from a recent breakup Elle is having the worst time on her girls night out. Well until Dom arrives and completely takes her over. Will Elle throw caution to the wind and take a risk? Or will her and Dom part as Strangers.
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I know I know I cannot believe I let Jayla and Tony drag me here tonight. The bar scene is so not me at all and they know it. However, I guess their right Kara and me have been broken up for three months now it is time to move on I guess. But what the fuck am I doing at a straight bar geese.

“You want a refill hon.”

I have to admit though the bartender is one hell of a cutie. Tall, thick, and brunette yup that’s how I like'em and that’s exactly what she is.

“Um yeah thanks”

“Coming right up”

After smiling at her when she sets my newly refilled sangria down it’s officially time to get back to moping while I watch Jayla and Tony dance

“Want some company?”

Great another drunk loser to shut down this is why I hate straight bars

Looking over to my left where the voice came from I begin to say “no thanks…” but the words got stuck in my damn throat when I look at him

OMG this guy is gorgeous at least six foot five and about two hundred and fifty pounds with long wavy black hair and eyes to match

“You know sure why not “I find myself saying

His eyes roam over my face as he smiles at me “cool” he takes off his leather jacket revealing his plain white tee underneath. Wow his arms are huge and those tattoos. I’m suddenly aware that he is very male and I am very female. Well damn, this has never happened to me before

He moves to the empty bar chair next to me closer and sits down putting his arm around the back of my chair. He leans in so that I can feel his breathe on my neck causing the little hairs to rise

“I’m Dominic, well Dom for short”

“Hi Dom I’m Elle”