Twin Decisions Chaper Five

Chapter Five


Zuradia dropped her hair as she heard the knob on the door jingle. Biting her lip she looked down at her half naked body wondering if she should have gotten dressed while Rebel was gone. What could he possibly have to tell her that would warrant stopping a session of what she just knew was about to be the best, hell the most epic sex of her life?

Looking up hearing the door open she shivered at the grim look on Rebel’s face as he walked through the door not understanding what he left to go get or what would warrant that doomed look. Then he stepped through the doorway and to the side and a man that look so much like him it could have been his… no it must be his twin stepped in also to stand beside him. Gaping like a fish Zuradia raised from the bed in shock her lack of clothes forgotten. Looking between the two of them as she tried to wrap her mind around what she was seeing.

“Rebel?” she asked her frantic emotions showing through in her voice. When the one on the left raised his hand she nodded her head amazed. In the back of her mind she wondered if she was in shock that could be the only explanation for her being so calm. “And who are you” she addressed the one on the right her voice trembling.

“Estoy Jet cariño” the stranger with the familiar face and voice informed her making her body respond at the sound of the nickname she was rapidly becoming found of, she didn’t like it at all. In this confounding situation she found it a betrayal her body, heart and mind weren’t capable of working in one accord at the moment if the lurch in her heart was anything to go by. Holding her hand up “don’t” she said icily satisfied when both men nodded their heads properly chastised…she couldn’t handle them touching her or coming anywhere near her. She had no idea what her reaction would be. Looking back and forth between the two of them, she was completely stumped at what to do or say she couldn’t wrap her mind around what Rebel was trying to tell her. Then she noticed small mole at the corner of Jet’s mouth that wasn’t on Rebel’s and it became clear, in her mind she replayed the entire night up to this moment like a movie.

Pure horror replaced her beautiful features as she replayed the night in her mind. The weird things they did, the moment she suspected they must have switched, hell they even kissed differently. How stupid was she? But then again who would suspect such a thing?

Looking up she saw them slowly making their way to her with their hands up as if calming a skittish animal. “No! y..y..you” she screamed  her breathing becoming rapid as her heart began pounding painfully fast as sparks of light flashed behind her eyes and then her world went black.


Jet ran over to Zuradia catching her just before she hit the ground and carrying her to the bed Rebel shadowing his every move. “Well we didn’t handle that well at all” he said ruefully sweeping his hair off his forehead.

Running into the bathroom, Rebel came right back out with a cool rag and glass of water returning to bed he sat on her other side and gently wiped down her face. “I don’t like feeling like this” he said unable to meet his Twin’s face.

“I know what you mean Hermano. I can’t believe she shrank from us like that…though I don’t blame her. She must think we’re monsters”.

At the sound of groaning they both looked down relieved beyond measure to see Zuradia waking up. Helping her sit up Jet helped her take sips from the glass Rebel handed him. While Rebel unconsciously gave her a slow head massage whispering sweet nonsense in Spanish both solely focused on her comfort.

It took a few minutes before she remembered what was going on her groan quickly turning into a moan as she settled comfortably between them feeling a sense of belonging and love in that moment that terrified her. Her fear had her quickly coming back to her senses she used it as fuel and for strength, slapping them away Zuradia quickly slid off the bed uncomfortable with the awareness she felt. Remembering her nakedness she looked around the room for her discarded dress and quickly put it on leaving her beautiful corset crumpled on the ground knowing it would take too much time to put on, with the torrent of emotions she was feeling she needed to leave quickly. “ I don’t want to see either of you again. Give me your keys I can drive myself home and you can get your truck from there” she kept forcefully kept her voice cold knowing if they caught even a trickle of what she was feeling she’d be doomed.

“Please come out to the living room and let us explain things” Jet tried to pled with her

“Yes please ca…Zuradia” he caught himself “don’t leave like this. We love you” the look in her eyes almost broke her heart. It made her want to drop her things and run into his arms but then her eyes traveled to his mole reminding her he was Jet and not Rebel and she snapped.

“Love! Love!” she couldn’t help it she began laughing and couldn’t stop. She knew she must have sounded hysterical by the way the Twins were looking at each other but she couldn’t help it. “You two are loco” gesturing between them “this is not love. Answer me one thing please? Were you going to sleep with me without telling me?” she asked her voice shaking.

“No! Cariño that’s… we could never do that. It would be a violation that is why we are telling you, we want to begin our lives together right…honestly believe us please. I know you have no reason to right now but let us prove it to you” he said his accent becoming thicker with his rising emotions so it was becoming harder to understand him.

“ This whole thing was a violation! Don’t you two get that?” she said breathless from yell and churning emotions.

“Yes we do. It was just that we were afraid that you wouldn’t accept both of us” Rebel explained his voice cracked as his eyes glazed over with unshed tears.

She almost caved yet again and went to them. She needed to end this now…shaking her head, a desperate plea for no more “for the record I’m not upset about there being two of you I’m upset about the lies. Rebel we’ve known each other for a long time. We’ve had long talks, spent time together, hung out, laughed and in all that time you’ve never said once you had a twin how long has he been here? What else don’t I know?” tears flooding her eyes “How long would you have kept this up?” unable to keep then from falling they began to fall, she let them stream down her face she wanted them to know how they’d hurt her. When they moved to come to her however she backed away from them moving towards the door. She could tell by the emotions on their face that they cared for her but she didn’t think she could get past this and as an afterthought her father popped into her mind. There was no way Barney Jackson would ever let her be with two men, he couldn’t even handle the idea of her being with one. With the kind of control he kept on her life she shuddered to think what he’d do just thought of that made even more hysterical tears flow.

“Cariño” Jet pleaded coming to her despite her protests. Wrapping his arms around her nodding when Rebel moved in behind her mumbling nonsense to her as they let her hit them and cry herself out unaware that the tears where now for them instead of because of them.

Exhausted she slumped back against Rebel her eyes swollen and puffy with tears “how could you” she whispered. Not knowing what to do cause as much as she would like to tell them to go screw themselves and never see them again she knew deep down that she was in love with both of these men. That realization shocked her to her core, she already knew she loved Rebel but in one night she’d fallen in love with his Twin brother as well and now she would have to be without them. Pulling away from them she straightened her clothes “the keys please” she said trying to ignore the crushed look in their eyes and the pain in her own chest at the thought of leaving them.

Sighing they led her out of the bedroom and back to the living room “are you sure you don’t want us to drive you? You shouldn’t drive like this” they tried once more though the concern was real.

“I don’t want to spend another moment with either of you. Keys” she demanded holding her hand out ignoring their winces. She knew that was a low blow, she regretted the words as soon as they came out but they deserved it. Clutching the keys they dropped in her hand she skirted around them both as they tried to pull her in for an embrace and hurried to the door but Rebel’s voice stopped her. ‘Huh’ she thought to herself ‘it’s funny she could tell the difference between them already’ quickly dismissing the thought as fast as it came not wanting to examine it.  

“Okay cariño” he said sounding completely dejected letting go of whatever he would have said after a few minutes of looking into her eyes.

Refusing to feel bad for them or be sucked in she rushed out the door. Throwing herself into the truck she speed off crying the whole way home and hating herself when she took the large flannel shirt full of their scent that was folded up in the back seat to sleep in.