One Last Time/ An affair to remember

I wake up in the morning and stretch my aching limbs

The pleasant ache serves as the proof of your love from just the night before

I shift to move away but find myself quickly pulled back into steel wall that is your chest

Sighing at the sound of your soft snores as you pull me in further to your embrace

I can see the sun now peeking through the curtains the light falling across my face

Your arms tighten around me as if you can hear my silent goodbye

My breath hitches

My resolve weakens

Maybe I can do it

Try to keep what is not mine

The bands around your left finger gleams as you trace circles on my palm

The combination of gold and the sun snaps me back to reality

Therefore, I break your hold and rise to get dressed

Hypersensitive to the fact that your eyes watch my every move

Last night I told would be our very last time but you watch me with confidence because we both know the truth

No matter what happens next,

 I undoubtedly knew my heart, my body, and my soul will forever belong to you


© Joie Luck